Automated investing with a human touch

Invest your money, not your time

How it works

What if you could take the most time-consuming aspects of investing—researching stocks, building a portfolio, monitoring its performance, and rebalancing it—and package them in an easy, convenient online service that anyone could use, regardless of investing knowledge or experience?

VirtualWealth is an automated investing service that does just that. Simply take our investing questionnaire to set your goals, invest your funds and let VirtualWealth do the rest:

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VirtualWealth leverages the latest financial technology to deliver an easy, convenient online investing experience. But our portfolio design, investment oversight and customer support are all handled by experienced investment professionals committed to seeing you reach your goals. Need assistance? Our friendly team is here to help.

   Invest your money, not your time

If you don’t want to spend time researching investments or monitoring markets, now you don’t have to: VirtualWealth recommends the optimum blend of investments based on your needs. As markets shift, VirtualWealth will continuously monitor and rebalance your portfolio when necessary, maintaining your target asset allocation and keeping you on track.

expert portfolio

Everyone deserves an expertly designed investment portfolio

We believe everyone should have access to professional investment management. That’s why our portfolios are engineered to target consistent long-term returns, while keeping the cost of investing low. With VirtualWealth, you don’t pay any trading fees or commissions — just a low quarterly management fee. This means less of your money goes towards fees, more gets invested, and you reach your goals sooner.


Diversification for all market conditions

Our portfolios are designed to diversify your investments across geographies, sectors and industries. This is what reduces the impact of market downturns while allowing you to capture gains when markets are up, so that you get competitive returns in all market conditions. 

Responsible investing

Build wealth responsibly

For those interested in Responsible Investing (RI), VirtualWealth makes it easy. We offer investments screened for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, in addition to standard performance-based screening.

Proven investment philosophy:
Easy can be rewarding

Investing isn’t always exciting, but done right, it can be rewarding. Based on our decades of experience in the markets, the best approach is to start as soon as possible, put your money in a portfolio designed to capture gains and manage risks—and then sit back, and let VirtualWealth do the rest. We aim to make this approach as easy, efficient and affordable as possible, so anyone can reach their goals.